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UNDP Accelerator Labs

We’re building the world’s largest and fastest learning network around development challenges.
We’re hiring people who are curious, persistent, and deeply committed to social change.

What if you joined us?

In 60 countries, we are hiring new kinds of talent

Head of Exploration

Shine light on emerging trends, make the case for change, and build the local partnerships we need to scale solutions.

Head of Experimentation

Build portfolios of development solutions, strengthen the design of solutions, and learn through rapid experimentation.

Head of Solutions Mapping

Get immersed deeply in communities, identify local solutions, and bridge bottom-up solutions with policy design.

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Why are we doing this?

Because We Need To Re-Imagine Development For The 21st Century

Rising inequality, declining trust in public institutions, more frequent and intense climate related events, demographic and technological changes. The speed, dynamics and complexity of today’s challenges are fundamentally different from previous eras in history.

Our current approaches are not making enough progress against 21st century challenges. The outside world is moving faster than our organizations are adapting. Effectively addressing these problems doesn’t just require new solutions. It requires radical new ways of identifying solutions and speeding up how quickly we learn about which ones work, which ones can grow, and which ones don’t.

The UNDP Accelerator Labs were created to re-imagine ways of making 21st century development happen — not just in silos or small corners of the development sector — but at a scale we have never seen before, by tapping into the relationships, resources, and expertise of a global leader in development.

UNDP is in 170 countries & territories investing

$4.6 Billion in Development

A global leader in development

Ranked #1 in Value-For-Money1

Worldwide, UNDP is strengthening

1 in 3 parliaments and supporting an election every 2 weeks

1. For development information in policymaking. Survey by AidData.

We’re Doing Things

As the Accelerator Labs, we draw inspiration from local solutions that are already working — regardless of whether it’s a grassroots invention, a policy workaround, or a business that’s making the world a better place.

We radically accelerate learning about what works by operating as a globally integrated network where each Lab learns from the rest, by exploring multiple solutions at the same time, and by designing experiments that teach us whether solutions can work and grow in weeks or months rather than years.

Learn more about UNDP’s previous work in innovation.

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