Global Events 2021: Meet the Accelerator Labs!

United Nations Data Forum 2021: Data Powered Positive Deviance, Oct 3-6, 2021

UNDP Accelerator Labs Network, the GIZ Data Lab, the University of Manchester Centre for Digital Development, and UN Global Pulse Lab Jakarta, will join the #UNDataForum to showcase their work the data powered positive deviance. The team will showcase how we work on bridging the gap between big data and explorative field research in Ecuador, Mexico, Niger, and Somaliland. RSVP here.

The Data Powered Positive Deviance Initiative (DPPD), a joint alliance between the UNDP Accelerator Labs Network, the GIZ Data Lab, the University of Manchester Centre for Digital Development, and UN Global Pulse Lab Jakarta, is rooted in the belief that knowledge on how to tackle complex sustainable development challenges is best informed and spread by people who face those challenges and find their own solutions. The Initiative is testing a new Data Powered Positive Deviance method for sustainable development through a series of pilots, which combine traditional and non-traditional data sources to identify positive deviants in new and enhanced ways. Find out more here.

Past events:

Future of Good: Transforming Funding Models Summit, June 22-23, 2021

Join us on June 22 and 23, 1-4 PM Eastern Time via the Future of Good: Transforming Funding Models Summit as UNDP Accelerator Labs team leader, Gina Lucarelli shares new ideas and our work on building a resilient social impact world. Save a slot, RSVP 

The next 12 months are critical for building more resilient business models, or we could see devastating and lasting effects on our communities. Alongside hundreds of professionals and funders from across the country, the Summit will dive into game-changing funding and business model transformations that are gaining traction for the new era of impact coming out of COVID.

Open & User Innovation Society: OUI2020+1 Conference, June 21

UNDP Accelerator Labs team leader, Gina Lucarelli joins a panel to discuss open and user Innovations in the unconventional context of large-scale public environments. Save a seat,  RSVP.  

The Open and User Innovation Conference (OUI) brings together about 200 to 300 researchers from around the world to exchange recent research findings and plans related to new developments in open and user innovation.

Rainmaking Series: For The Love of Our Sustainable Habitat By 2030, June 20

Rozita Singh, Head of Solutions Mapping at UNDP India joins a panel discussion to present examples and case studies of their work around the convergence of technology and sustainability. RSVP here today. 

Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development Launch Event, June 2 

This event marked the publication of "Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Getting Smarter Together", a report series from the UNDP Accelerator Labs and Nesta's Centre for Collective Intelligence Design that surveys the current state of the field and suggests key areas for action to make the most of the combined efforts of people, data and technology. The event featured reflections from Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator, case studies from the UNDP Accelerator Labs and input from the founding investors of the Network from the Federal Republic of Germany and Qatar Fund for Development. Watch the replay here, dive into the research on

From citizens' insights to grassroots solutions, data from mobile phone companies to satellite imagery and AI - new resources of intelligence are being harnessed by organizations around the world to understand complex problems, make better decisions and find new solutions. Join us to explore how collective intelligence can make the vital difference towards achieving the SDGs.

5th World Forum of Local Economic Development (WFLED): Gestión pública para la innovación y la reactivación económica, social y ambiental (ES), May 26

UNDP Accelerator Lab Global Team Coordinator, Soledad Bauza, and Head of Experimentation of UNDP Argentina Accelerator Lab, Lorena Moscovich, share the Network's experiences and perspectives on the importance of innovation in public management. Learn more here, watch the replay here.

Innovation in public management is a central axis in the efforts to reactivate and enhance the role of Governments and Public Administrations in the face of the complexity and new contexts derived from the technological and organizational revolution in general, and derived from the current pandemic in particular. The main goal of this panel is to address the innovative elements in public management that contribute to the drive for a sustainable social and economic reactivation. (*This panel conversation in Spanish).

Barry J Wilson: Cumulative Effects, April 28

UNDP Accelerator Labs Team Leader, Gina Lucarelli talks with Systems Ecologists Barry J Wilson about the cumulative effects of the Network here

Data Powered Positive Deviance: Under the Hood Series, April 12-22 

The Data Powered Positive Deviance Initiative was launched on the belief that lessons on how to tackle complex sustainable development challenges are best learned from the people who face those challenges every day. The Initiative brings together the GIZ Data Lab, the University of Manchester Centre for Digital development, and the UNDP Accelerator Labs through a series of pilots in different countries and domains to uncover effective, locally developed practices and innovations. In the spirit of working out loud, we opened the doors to the following four 'Under the Hood' work sessions:

  • Somalia/Somaliland: Supporting Pastoralist Communities Amidst Environmental Challenges
  • Ecuador: Mitigating Deforestation through Sustainable Cattle Raising
  • Mexico: Addressing Violence Against Women in Public Spaces
  • Niger: Ensuring Food Security Through Sustainable Agriculture

Learn more and watch the replays here.

UNDP Development Dialogues, April 1

“If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It” Rethinking Data to Tackle Fragility
Session hosted by UNDP, with Lilian Zeki, Head of Solutions Mapping at UNDP Lebanon Accelerator Lab and Ramiz Uddin, Head of Experimentation at UNDP Bangladesh Accelerator Lab joining the panel.

Innovative approaches to risk monitoring, data analysis and new technologies will be key to effectively measure, track and address fragility and risks of crisis. A number of recent initiatives have shown promising initial results, but can they trigger a real change for development aid to address fragility? This session will allow UNDP and partners to share recent initiatives on this topic (including modeling, tools, new platforms and standards for data collection, visualization and analysis) and to hear ideas from colleagues on the ground. Lilian Zeki, Head of Solutions Mapping at UNDP Lebanon Accelerator Lab and Ramiz Uddin, Head of Experimentation at UNDP Bangladesh Accelerator Lab will be joining this panel to share their experiences and the innovative data approaches they are using to tackle fragility in crisis settings. 

SDG Global Festival of Action, March 25

Co-creation workshop: Collective Intelligence for sustainable development, getting smarter together.
Hosted by the UNDP Accelerator Labs from Viet Nam, Ukraine, Ghana, Tanzania and the global team.

The UNDP Accelerator Labs use the power of human and machine intelligence to understand problems, develop new solutions, promote more inclusive decision making, and provide better oversight of what is done. The Accelerator Labs from Viet Nam, Ukraine, Ghana and Tanzania will explain how tapping into the power of the collective is helping them build a future with zero waste, combat air pollution and ensure no more plastics end up in landfills and the ocean. It will be followed by a hands-on co-creation workshop in which participants will discover collective intelligence design and apply this methodology to tackle a very concrete sustainable development problem.


Istanbul Innovation Days, March 24

Paradigm Lock-in: What after the WESTERN model of development?
Webinar hosted by UNDP, moderated by Gina Lucarelli, UNDP Accelerator Labs Team Leader.

The international development project was founded on the premise that “Western” models of development should be exported to developing “third world” countries. The sector has, at least formally, moved on from these initial premises but lots of the underlying thinking and paradigms still permeate the work of international organisations.
What are the costs of the forgotten perspectives, who is paying for them and how? What promises do forgotten truths hold for living in the 21st century? What are the new pathways that can be unlocked once we acknowledge that the next big thing will not come from Silicon Valley, but from Jakarta, Bogota or Dubai?


Istanbul Innovation Days, March 18

Future Framing Sessions powered by EY – San Francisco explores Technology Partnerships.
Panel conversation including Shamiso Ruzvidzo, Head of Exploration at UNDP Zimbabwe Accelerator Lab.

How might technology partnerships empower us to transition towards greener, more inclusive economies and transform development?


Women at Imperial Week 2021, March 11

SDG of the Month, Goal 5: Accelerating solutions towards Gender Equality 
Webinar organized by the Imperial College of London, with the presence of Rozita Singh, Head of Solutions Mapping,  UNDP India Accelerator Lab.

As part of their UN Sustainable Development Goals webinar series, the Global Development Hub has brought together a panel to discuss Goal 5: Achieving Gender Equality. The webinar explores the  progressive work and innovative research  towards  achieving  gender  equality  from three different  UNDP Accelerator Labs covering unpaid care work and supporting female entrepreneurs: India, Palestine and Niger. Watch the recording.

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