What are we working on right now?

  • Collective Intelligence

    "Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Getting Smarter Together" is a report series from the UNDP Accelerator Labs and Nesta's Centre for Collective Intelligence Design that surveys the current state of the field and suggests key areas for action to make the most of the combined efforts of people, data and technology.

  • Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge

    Through the SDG Japan Innovation Challenge, seven UNDP Accelerator Labs are collaborating with Japanese companies to co-develop and design models to test potential solutions to address specific development challenges problems identified by the Labs

  • Positive Deviance

    The Data Powered Positive Deviance Initiative (DPPD), a joint alliance initiated by the UNDP Accelerator Labs Network, Pulse Lab Jakarta, the University of Manchester (UoM), and the GIZ Data Lab, was established on the belief that lessons on how to tackle complex sustainable development challenges are best learned from the people who face those challenges and find their own solutions to cope with the situations they live in.

  • for Tomorrow

    The for Tomorrow platform is dedicated to celebrate bottom-up innovation, connect local innovators who are creating solutions for a more sustainable future and advance these solutions to reach the ambitious goals set out in Agenda 2030.

Thematic Areas of Work:

  • Informality

    Could the quantum leap of digitalization help link people in the informal economy to market and financial opportunities and bridge divides? Could digital platforms designed for informal businesses and traders enable them to reach a broader consumer base and access financial services? What are the risks in this transition that we should be aware of to ensure fairness, equity, and sustainability in our development investments?

  • Bringing forward actionable insights and new capabilities to tackle climate change

    A digest of UNDP Accelerator Lab stories on their work in tackling climate change.

  • From farm to table, let’s talk food (systems)

    From fighting food waste to transitioning the food systems, what are the UNDP Accelerator Labs working on and learning?

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Our partners are at the heart of the UNDP Accelerator Lab Network. They provide strategic advice, expertise and financial resources. They extend the capabilities and reach of the Network and help direct it by investing in this joint venture. Our partners also benefit from insights into emergent demands around complex development challenges.

We’re always looking for partners to join us in investing and contributing knowledge to this global effort.

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